do birds eat other birds

Do birds eat other birds?

Birds are omnivores, meaning they can eat meat and plant-based foods. They tend to eat the same foods as we do, but they also have unique tastes and preferences. Some birds like insects, while others prefer seeds or grains. But our focus on this page is on the question, do birds eat other birds?

The most common bird-eating bird is the hawk. Hawks will eat any kind of bird, but they prefer small birds such as sparrows and pigeons. Hawks have been known to kill hawks; however, this is very rare. Other birds that can eat other birds include owls, falcons, eagles, and vultures.

In addition, vultures are also known to eat dead animals and garbage in order to stay healthy. If a bird eats a bird that’s not its own species, then that’s called cannibalism. Cannibalism is not normal behavior for most animals as it’s something we don’t see very often in the wild.

Do birds eat other birds?

do birds eat other birds

While some birds eat insects and other small animals, others eat a wide variety of plants and fruits. Some birds are even known to eat other birds. While this is rare, it has been documented in several species.

American white pelicans have been observed feeding on dead crows; songbirds will sometimes feed on the young or injured offspring of other species, and pheasants will steal eggs from other birds’ nests.

10 Birds that eat other birds

There are many different types of birds that eat other birds. These are called vultures, hawks, eagles, owls, falcons, and others. Let’s check some of the birds that eat other birds.

1. Eagles

Eagles are birds that eat other birds. They are larger than other birds and can consume up to 50 animals per day. Eagles have a wide gape, allowing them to swallow large prey whole.

Also, eagles have been known to hunt and kill other animals for many years, with their wingspan being about 2 meters wide. Eagles are also known for their sharp claws, which they use to capture their prey. Eagles also use their sharp beaks to tear open their prey before swallowing it whole.

2. Ospreys

Ospreys are birds of prey that eat other birds. They have long legs and sharp talons, which they use to catch their prey. Ospreys can also dive underwater and catch fish, as well as catch other animals in the air for their young to eat.

3. Kites

Kites are birds that eat other birds. They have long, pointed beaks and can fly extremely fast. They are gentle animals. They will never attack you, but they will attack the bird that is bothering them. Kites can be dangerous because they carry diseases and parasites on their beaks and feet.

4. True Hawks

True Hawks are a type of bird that eat other birds. They are often seen eating the eggs of their prey and even smaller birds, such as sparrows. They have long claws to help them catch their prey, which can include mice, squirrels, and other small animals.

They are also known for having very large eyes that allow them to see well in dim light conditions. They hunt at night and usually find their food by listening for it moving around in bushes or trees.

5. Buzzards

Buzzards are known for their ability to catch birds that are much larger than themselves. They can even catch hawks, which are the largest of all birds. The buzzard has a sharp beak and talons that help it catch its prey. The buzzard also has large wings that help it fly longer distances at high speed.

Also, they are not afraid of anything when hunting for their prey; they will hunt whatever they want to eat, including other birds. The buzzards have been known to go after smaller animals like rabbits or squirrels as well. These large birds are able to use their wings to fly through trees and branches quickly in pursuit of their food.

6. Harriers

Harriers are long-winged raptors that hunt for live prey, and they’re often found in open country or on the edges of forests. They have a wide range of habitats but are generally found near water.

Also, they will eat anything they can catch, but they tend to target small birds and mammals, such as mice and voles. They will also eat insects and small reptiles. Harriers are known to be aggressive predators that have been known to attack larger species of birds, such as eagles and hawk owls.

7. Vultures

Vultures are birds that eat other birds. They have a very sharp sense of smell, so they can hunt down their prey from an extremely long way away, even from the air.

They’re great at spotting dead bodies in the wild, but they also eat dead animals that have been killed by other animals or diseases. In fact, they’re so good at hunting that they’re named after the Latin root word for “to seek.”

Also, vultures are omnivores and will eat pretty much anything they can get their talons on. Their favorite food is carrion (dead animals). They’ll also eat small mammals, fish, reptiles, amphibians, and insects.

8. Falcons

Falcons are predatory birds that have been known to eat other birds. They are known for eating small birds such as doves and pigeons, but they also feed on larger animals such as frogs and even mice.

Also, they have been known to attack other birds while they are still in the nest. They use their sharp talons to grab their prey, and then they carry it back to their nest, where they eat it.

9. Caracaras

Caracaras are birds of prey that eat other birds. They have a diet that consists of other birds and small mammals, although they will also occasionally eat fruit, seeds, and insects. They hunt these prey by using their talons and beaks to grab their victims and carry them back to their nests to consume.

10. Owls

Owls are carnivorous birds that eat other birds. They don’t eat insects, but they will eat small mammals such as mice, rabbits, and small rats. The owls’ primary source of food is the smaller bird species and their eggs.

Also, owls can spot prey from great distances and can see in low light. They use their sharp eyesight for hunting for prey at night and catching them by surprise when they swoop down on them.

Some owls have been known to swallow a mouse whole, while others will wait until their target is sleeping before going after it.

Do crows eat other birds?

do birds eat other birds

Crows are one of the most common birds in North America, and they’re known for their intelligence, curiosity, and ability to recognize individual people. They’re also known for being some of the most opportunistic feeders in the animal kingdom.

A crow will eat anything it can get its beak on, including other birds. Crows are omnivores, which means they eat both plants and animals.

However, crows don’t actually attack their prey; rather, they wait until their prey comes into range, then swoop down and capture it with their beaks. They only have a few tricks up their sleeves:

  • They can fly very quickly (up to 50 km/h)
  • They’re strong enough to carry items as large as themselves (up to 850 g)
  • Their talons are sharp enough to cut through skin and sinew

The best way to prevent crows from eating your pet bird is by keeping them inside at all times when you aren’t home. This can help keep your pet safe from predators like crows and raccoons, who may try to steal food from your bird’s cage or perch area if left unsupervised outside during feeding times or while away on vacation.

Do hawks eat birds?

Hawks are carnivores, which means they eat meat. Hawks eat other animals that are small enough to catch and kill. Some hawks will also kill mammals larger than themselves, but most hawks only eat other birds.

They need to be able to see their prey when they are in the air, so they have very good vision and can see colors well. They can see from far away and across an area, which helps them find their prey easily.

In addition, hawks have a keen sense of smell that helps them locate their prey quickly and efficiently. The hawks’ sharp beaks allow them to rip the flesh off their victims easily with just one bite!

Some hawks will also eat fish, although this is not their main source of food. Hawks do not usually hunt fish in large numbers because they prefer more meaty foods, such as rabbits and rodents.


It is important that you know the diet of the birds you intend to bring home as a pet. While some birds eat fruit and seed, some eat flesh. In fact, there are some birds that eat other birds. So, this page on do birds eat other birds reveal some of the birds that eat flesh you should know.

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